Geographic Information

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an information technology approach to the capture, storage, analysis, management, and presentation of data with reference to geographic location.

While many agencies have a long history of using GIS in Wyoming, the tremendous demand for and utilization of geospatial technologies has out-paced historic statewide coordination efforts. Working with the GIS Oversight Committee, the GIS Technical Advisory Group, and the existing GIS user community, the Office of the CIO is in the process of developing the enterprise vision for GIS Coordination within the State of Wyoming. The cooperative design and implementation of enterprise GIS resources will more efficiently utilize tax dollars by reducing redundancy and increasing collaboration between agencies.

Direct Contacts in ETS for GIS are:

Jacob Mundt

Enterprise GIS Coordinator
Enterprise Coordination Team
Rohit Shrestha

Application Developer
Enterprise Application Development

Hari Kakumanu

Application Developer
Enterprise Application Development